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A trainer can choose their favorite Pokémon from their collection to become their Buddy. This system opens up unique in-game rewards and experiences. The chosen Pokémon will appear next to its trainer's avatar on the profile screen. As the trainer moves about, bonuses will be rewarded such as Candy for walking together. The Buddy will be able to be swapped out with another Pokémon at any time. A Buddy cannot be assigned to a Gym.[1]

Buddy TypesEdit

There are five Buddy Types: Medium, Big, Shoulder, Baby and Flying.

Main article: Buddy Types


Candy is rewarded at 1, 3, 5 or 20 km, depending on Pokémon rarity. The total amount of candy you have for that particular evolutionary line is indicated at the top of the buddy screen after the link has been pressed on your character page.

Main article: Buddy Rewards



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