Bulbasaur candy

Bulbasaur specific candy.

Candy is a consumable resource that can be used to power up and evolve your Pokémon. Candy is acquired by capturing Pokémon (3 for first stage evolution, 5 for second stage evolution, 10 for last stage evolution), or by hatching eggs (various amounts). The type of candy the player receives is specific to the Pokémon, i.e., capturing or hatching a Pikachu will give you Pikachu candy. Transferring your duplicate Pokémon to Professor Willow will also give you Pokémon-specific candy (one per transfer), so if you're looking to evolve one, make sure to capture lots of duplicates.

Each evolutionary line has its own candy type. There are currently 78 different types of candy. Each one represents the base form and is identified by its primary and secondary colors.


Candy is used to evolve your Pokémon that are capable of evolving. Evolving a Pokémon causes significant boost to CP. Evolving a Pokemon can cost 12 to 400 pieces of candy.



  • During the Halloween 2016 Event, candy for hatching, catching or transferring Pokemon was doubled while Buddy Pokémon found candy at a quarter of their required distance.

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