Defenderbonus unclaimed
  • A trainer can obtain the Defender bonus for having Pokémon in Gyms. This can be claimed in the shop by clicking the shield icon on the top right corner.
Defenderbonus reward
  • By claiming the Defender Bonus, the trainer will obtain both Stardust Icon Stardust and PokeCoin PokeCoins. Each Pokémon left defending awards Stardust Icon 500 and PokeCoin 10. The maximum bonus is for 10 Pokémon, thus awarding Stardust Icon 5,000 and PokeCoin 100.
Defenderbonus claimed
  • After claiming the bonus, a trainer has to wait 21 hours before claiming another bonus (even if they claim more gyms). If they lose those gyms before the timer is up, the bonus will decrease. The amount of the bonus is based on the total gyms with Pokémon assigned to them at the time the bonus is claimed, and does not count ones lost during the wait.

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