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Description Edit

Flame Pokémon

Flareon's fluffy fur has a functional purpose—it releases heat into the air so that its body does not get excessively hot. This Pokémon's body temperature can rise to a maximum of 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit.

Possible Attacks Edit

Fast Attacks

Special Attacks

Extra InfoEdit

  • There is an Easter Egg that uses the names of the Eevee Brothers. Naming your Eevee to Pyro will result in a Flareon when it is evolved.
    • Works only once per account.
    • Works even if you have evolved an Eevee not using this process.
  • As a raid boss, Flareon's CP is 21,155.
    • Its maximum capture CP is 1659.

Links Edit

  • Flareon, on the official Pokédex website
  • Flareon, on the Pokémon wiki

History Edit

February 17th, 2017 Edit

Gallery Edit

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