Hey everyone. There's a ton of new information coming to light about this game every day, and even though we're still facing a lot of bugs, we're still having a hell of a lot of fun playing. This mini guide is just to help get new players a running start.

Tip #1: Starting PokémonEdit

When you first start the game you are given a choice to battle one of three starter Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. After playing this game for quite a few days now, I've realized that this choice is not a very important one, reason being that you can actually find the other two that you didnt choose later on, and all you've really gained is some extra candy for that starter.

  • Hint: You may have seen this online, but you can actually get Pikachu as your starter. When the three Pokémon I listed above are shown, just walk any direction away from where you started for about 5-10 minutes. You should eventually see a Pikachu popup on your map.

Tip #2: Finding PokémonEdit

This really depends where you live. For me, I live in the suburbs, but I work downtown so I get a good amount of varied Pokémon and a lot of PokéStop. If you're in an area that seems to be running dry of any Pokémon, you may need to try to make a trip to your nearest landmark where there would typically be a lot of PokéStops. Pokémon also change by geography, so if you're near water, you'll find water Pokémon. If you're in a wooded area, more grass or normal Pokémon.

Tip #3: Capturing PokémonEdit

The best capture method seems to be up in the air. Some people say that you wait for the circle to shrink as small as possible, whereas I have had Nice, Great, and Excellent throws happen while the circle is large. What I beleive is that you want the large circle and you want your Poké Ball to land within the circle. The more towards the center you land, the higher the bonus.

  • Hint: You can actually pick up a Poké Ball that you missed with! If you see it rolling on the ground, start tapping on it and it should return to you. Picking up a thrown ball has proven to be merely a coincidence for most people, and the theory of being able to pick up missed balls has basically been false.

Tip #4: Evolving PokémonEdit

When you start to get out there you may find you have a ton of the same Pokémon and you might want to evolve one. You should wait! Evolving your Pokémon is correlated to your trainer level, which means the higher your trainer level, the more CP your evolved Pokémon will have.

The consensus out there suggests waiting until at least level 10 before evolving any Pokémon. See the next tip for related evolving tips.

Tip #5: Power LevelingEdit

Who doesn't want to level faster? Thanks to Lucky Eggs, you can! The best advice is don't underestimate the little guys. Stock up on as many Pidgey, Ratata, and Caterpie and you can and ideally you want around 50-60 ready to evolve, although this can include other Pokémon as well. When you have enough and you can spare a distraction-free 30 minutes, activate your lucky egg and start evolving!

  • Hint: It is helpful to favorite all those that you evolve so they can be sorted to the top of your Pokémon list. 

For me, I didn't have as many Pokémon as I would have liked, but I evolved a little less than 50 while also spinning 2 PokéStops every 5 minutes. This shot me from just under level 17 to 19 1/4.

  • Hint: Another tip is do not bother powering up first-form Pokémon for this as you gain no additional XP and it can be a waste of Stardust.

That's all for now, but I'm sure there will be more to come.

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