As the Pokemon Go Wiki chat is available to the entire Wikia community, its users are expected to follow basic guidelines in order to maintain the collective community. All users that are connected to the Pokémon GO Chat should abide by these rules.

  • Be Polite toward other users - Keeping the chat and personal messaging polite will make the chat overall more pleasant and more enjoyable for its users, keep it civil! In extreme cases this can result upon a chat warning, if persistent, a removal from the Chat.
  • Do not spam - Spamming and/or flooding is unnecessary and will result in warnings issued by Chat Moderators and Admins.
    • No Unicode stacking - Using excessively stacked text like zalgo is absolutely prohibited under any circumstances as it may cause browser crashing and major chat disturbance.
    • Caps lock - Please refrain from using exclusively block capitals within message strings.
    • Singular use of Whitespace/Tab/Breakline - Sending blank messages with either space or breakline exclusively is a direct attempt at disrupting chat and is prohibited.

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