Basic Incense

Incense, when activated, shows a pinkish aura around the Trainer. The effect will follow a trainer if the trainer continues to travel, though part of the appeal is being able to keep catching while remaining in one place. Pokémon lured by the incense will also have a pink aura. Spawns are based on the local biome the player is in.  

The Pokémon spawned by the incense do not exist in the "Nearby" box. It spawns new Pokémon for a trainer to catch. The incense will spawn 1 Pokémon every 5 minutes if the trainer is standing still, and 1 Pokémon every 1 minute or 200 meters (whichever happens first) while moving. Other trainers are not affected by this item.

Incense can't be obtained from PokéStops, but it can be purchased from the Shop.


Incense with a mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes.


There are four types of incense that can be used to attract Pokémon.[1] These latter three items are not yet available in the game as of version 0.35.0 and are based on purely on speculation.


Attracts all types of Pokémon.


May attract Fire Fire and possibly Electric Electric Pokémon.


May attract Water Water and possibly Ice Ice Pokémon.


May attract Grass Grass and possibly Bug Bug Pokémon.


  • A Trainer receives one at levels 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 (×2), 25, 30 (×3), 35, and 40 (×4).
  • An alternate version of Incense known internally as INCENSE_ORDINARY exists in the game's data. It has the exact same spawn rate as normal Incense, but a significantly different appearance. This may be the new default when more incense types are added.



  1. Some interesting things in the code I haven't seen talked about, /r/TheSilphRoad, accessed 29 August 2016.
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