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Kangaskhan is an uncommon Normal-type region-exclusive Pokémon from Kanto region. It does not evolve into nor from any other Pokémon. It is available only in Australia.

Pokédex description

Parent Pokémon

If you come across a young Kangaskhan playing by itself, you must never disturb it or attempt to catch it. The baby Pokémon's parent is sure to be in the area, and it will become violently enraged at you.

Possible Attacks

Fast Attacks

Special Attacks

Evolution family

Kangaskhan is part of a single-member family.

52. Kangaskhan
#115 Kangaskhan



  • Kangaskhan is a region-exclusive Pokémon in Australia.
    • This is likely a reference to the kangaroo which is endemic to Australia and Kangaskhan resembles.
  • On August 4th, 2017, Kangaskhan began to spawn in major European cities as part of a continental event. It lasted until August 21st, 2017.
  • In Pokémon GO, Kangaskhan originally could be hatched from 5-kilometer eggs.

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