A trainer can level up to access newer items and more powerful Pokémon. The current maximum level a player can get is 40. Each time a player levels his trainer, rewards are given based on what level has been achieved.

Gaining XPEdit

Main article: Experience Points

There are several ways of accumulating XP. Known values are shown below. If you are under the effect of a Lucky Egg when performing any of these actions, the XP gained will be doubled.

Caught great

Throw bonusesEdit

The only XP bonuses that do not stack are throw bonuses. As of the August 8th update, Trainers will now receive an XP bonus for each type of throw they qualify for. Their XP values are listed below.

Throw XP
Nice! 10
Great! 50
Excellent! 100
Curveball 10

Daily bonusEdit

Main article: Daily Bonus

Trainers are eligible to receive a bonus for certain daily activities, including capturing Pokémon and visiting PokéStops each day. A larger bonus will be awarded if done consecutively for seven days in a row.

Level requirementsEdit

Main article: Level requirements

Each level requires a certain amount of XP (Experience Points).


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