Most Pokémon have genders with variable characteristics, but not all of them exhibit gender-specific variations. The following is a list of Pokémon with gender differences.

Pokémon Difference Male Female
Venusaur Female's flower has a seed in it. Venusaur Venusaur female
Butterfree Female has purple spots on her lower wing. Butterfree Butterfree female
Rattata Female has shorter whiskers. Rattata Rattata female
Raticate Female has shorter whiskers. Raticate Raticate female
Pikachu Female's tail ends in the upper half of a heart. Pikachu Pikachu female
Raichu Female's tail lacks a point. Raichu Raichu female
Nidoran♂/ Separate evolutionary lines and Pokédex entries. Nidoran♂ Nidoran♀
Zubat Female has smaller fangs. Zubat Zubat female
Golbat Female has smaller fangs. Golbat Golbat female
Gloom Female has one large spot per bud. Gloom Gloom female
Vileplume Female's petals have larger spots. Vileplume Vileplume female
Kadabra Female has smaller whiskers. Kadabra Kadabra female
Alakazam Female has smaller whiskers. Alakazam Alakazam female
Doduo Male has black necks and female has beige necks. Doduo Doduo female
Dodrio Male has black necks and female has beige necks. Dodrio Dodrio female
Hypno Female has more collar fur. Hypno Hypno female
Rhyhorn Male's horn is larger. Rhyhorn Rhyhorn female
Rhydon Male's horn is larger. Rhydon Rhydon female
Goldeen Male's horn is larger. Goldeen Goldeen female
Seaking Male's horn is larger. Seaking Seaking female
Scyther Female's abdomen is larger. Scyther Scyther female
Magikarp Male has yellow whiskers and female has white whiskers. Magikarp Magikarp female
Gyarados Male has blue whiskers and female has white whiskers. Gyarados Gyarados female

Pokémon Difference Male Female
Meganium Male has longer antennae. Meganium Meganium female
Ledyba Female has smaller antennae. Ledyba Ledyba female
Ledian Female has smaller antennae. Ledian Ledian female
Xatu Male has three body stripes, female has two. Xatu Xatu female
Sudowoodo Female's head "branch" is smaller. Sudowoodo Sudowoodo female
Politoed Female has smaller cheeks. Politoed Politoed female
Aipom Male has shorter head fur. Aipom Aipom female
Wooper Female has one set of gill branches. Wooper Wooper female
Quagsire Female has smaller dorsal fins. Quagsire male Quagsire female
Murkrow Male's "hat" is larger. Murkrow Murkrow female
Wobbuffet Female's mouth has lipstick-like marking. Wobbuffet Wobbuffet female
Girafarig Female's body is more yellow. Girafarig Girafarig female
Gligar Female has smaller stinger. Gligar Gligar female
Steelix Female lacks an outer tooth on each side. Steelix Steelix female
Scizor Female's abdomen is larger. Scizor Scizor female
Heracross Female's horn is heart-shaped. Heracross Heracross female
Sneasel Female's feather is shorter. Sneasel Sneasel female
Ursaring Female has longer shoulder fur. Ursaring Ursaring female
Piloswine Female has shorter tusks. Piloswine Piloswine female
Octillery Female has smaller suction cups. Octillery Octillery female
Houndoom Female has shorter horns. Houndoom Houndoom female
Donphan Female has shorter tusks. Donphan Donphan female

Pokémon Difference Male Female
Torchic Male has a black speck on his rear Torchic rear Torchic female rear
Combusken Female has smaller head feathers Combusken Combusken female
Blaziken Female's head crest is smaller Blaziken Blaziken female
Beautifly Male's red spots are larger Beautifly Beautifly female
Dustox Female has smaller antennae Dustox Dustox female
Ludicolo Female has thinner stripes Ludicolo Ludicolo female
Nuzleaf Female has smaller leaf Nuzleaf Nuzleaf female
Shiftry Female has smaller leaves Shiftry Shiftry female
Meditite Male's ears are higher than the female's Meditite Meditite female
Medicham Male has a larger bulb on his head Medicham Medicham female
Roselia Female's body leaf is longer Roselia Roselia female
Gulpin Female's feather is shorter Gulpin Gulpin female
Swalot Female has shorter whiskers Swalot Swalot female
Numel Female has a larger hump. Numel Numel female
Camerupt Female has larger humps. Camerupt Camerupt female
Cacturne Female has a larger spike on her chest. Cacturne Cacturne female
Milotic Male's hair-like fins are shorter. Milotic Milotic female
Relicanth Female has a smaller jaw. Relicanth Relicanth female