Medals are sort of achievements earned by Trainers for reaching certain milestones, like distance walked, PokéStops visited, Pokémon caught.

Each medal has three levels: bronze, silver, and gold. For achieving some of the medals Trainers are extra rewarded with bonuses - such as an increased chance of successfully catching certain Pokémon type or bonus wardrobe pieces for Trainers are unlocked to be purchased.


Earning a bronze medal for registering five unique Pokémon to the Pokédex

When any of the medals is achieved there is an animated pop-up displayed in the Map View. Similar to the one when trainer achieves next level.

Too enter and see currently owned medals:

  1. in Map View touch Trainer avatar in the bottom-left corner of screen,
  2. slide down on Trainer profile page, the all owned medals are shown right under the section with Gym Badges.

Most of the medals without any progress are hidden until there's any progress for achieving bronze level of such medals. Some of them are displayed as the silhouette of corresponding medal, even without any progress on them, these medals are specifically for general milestones and Pokédex entries milestones:

  • Jogger
  • Collector
  • Scientist
  • Breeder
  • Backpacker
  • Battle Girl
  • Ace Trainer (cannot be obtained currently)
  • Kanto
  • Johto
  • Hoenn

After achieving gold level of each medal the statistics of required task for such medal are still kept and can be seen in medal's detail view in gold-level medal tab.

Medals levels

Medals have three different levels that in order to be achieved, require various values for a main task of certain medal.

Medal images used above are original graphics used for medals for catching Pokémon of specific-type. After game update to version 0.41.2, they were changed to have icons of corresponding type, therefore these images became unused in the game.

List of medals

Medals have to kinds the ones for the various general tasks and milestones in gameplay and the others for catching specific-type Pokémon.

General medals

First section with medals on Trainer profile page shows all the currently owned medals for various milestones of general actions in the game. They can be also related to combat, number of each region Pokédex entries and catching specific Pokémon.

Name Requirement None Bronze Silver Gold
General milestones
Jogger Kilometers walked Jogger shadow Jogger Bronze
Jogger Silver
Jogger Gold
Collector Pokémon caught in total Collector shadow Collector Bronze
Collector Silver
Collector Gold
Scientist Pokémon evolved Scientist shadow Scientist Bronze
Scientist Silver
Scientist Gold
Breeder Pokémon Eggs hatched Breeder shadow Breeder Bronze
Breeder Silver
Breeder Gold
Backpacker PokéStops visited Backpacker shadow Backpacker Bronze
Backpacker Silver
Backpacker Gold
Pokémon Ranger Research tasks completed Researcher shadow Researcher Bronze
Researcher Silver
Researcher Gold
Pokédex entries milestones
Kanto Kanto Pokédex entries registered Kanto shadow Kanto Bronze
Kanto Silver
Kanto Gold
Johto Johto Pokédex entries registered Johto shadow Johto Bronze
Johto Silver
Johto Gold
Hoenn Hoenn Pokédex entries registered Hoenn shadow Hoenn Bronze
Hoenn Silver
Hoenn Gold
Combat milestones
Battle Girl Gym battles won BattleGirl shadow BattleGirl Bronze
BattleGirl Silver
BattleGirl Gold
Ace Trainer Pokémon trainings at gym performed. (Currently not available to obtain due to gyms system rework.) AceTrainer shadow AceTrainer Bronze
AceTrainer Silver
AceTrainer Gold
Berry Master Berries fed at gyms BerryMaster shadow BerryMaster Bronze
BerryMaster Silver
BerryMaster Gold
Gym Leader Hours of defending gyms GymLeader shadow GymLeader Bronze
GymLeader Silver
GymLeader Gold
Champion Non-legendary Raid Battles won Champion shadow Champion Bronze
Champion Silver
Champion Gold
Battle Legend Legendary Raid Battles won BattleLegend shadow BattleLegend Bronze
BattleLegend Silver
BattleLegend Gold
Trading and friendship milestones
Gentleman Trade Pokémon Gentleman shadow Gentleman Bronze
Gentleman Silver
Gentleman Gold
Idol Become Best Friends with Trainers Idol shadow Idol Bronze
Idol Silver
Idol Gold
Pilot Earned km across the distance of all Pokémon trades Pilot shadow Pilot Bronze
Pilot Silver
Pilot Gold
Specific Pokémon milestones
Fisherman Big (more than 1 meter of size) Magikarp caught Fisherman shadow Fisherman Bronze
Fisherman Silver
Fisherman Gold
Youngster Tiny (less than 1 kilogram of weight) Rattata caught Youngster shadow Youngster Bronze
Youngster Silver
Youngster Gold
Pikachu fan Pikachu caught PikachuFan shadow PikachuFan Bronze
PikachuFan Silver
PikachuFan Gold
Unown Unique Unown caught Unown shadow Unown Bronze
Unown Silver
Unown Gold
  1. † The Ace Trainer medal was obtainable by training Pokémon in team-owned Gyms. Training was removed during the Gym rework and it's not longer obtainable, however the medal is still present in game—keeping the progress before the Gym rework.

Specific-type Pokémon medals

Besides the general medals for certain milestones, there are also medals for catching specific-type Pokémon. These medals share same task and value of achieving next level of medal:

  • for acquiring bronze-level medal Trainer is required to catch at least 10 specific-type Pokémon,
  • for acquiring silver-level medal Trainer is required to catch at least 50 specific-type Pokémon
  • and finally, for acquiring gold-level medal Trainer is required to catch at least 200 specific-type Pokémon.
Name Requirement None Bronze Silver Gold
Bug Catcher Bug Bug-type caught BugCatcher shadow BugCatcher Bronze BugCatcher Silver BugCatcher Gold
Delinquent Dark Dark-type caught Delinquent shadow Delinquent Bronze Delinquent Silver Delinquent Gold
Dragon Tamer Dragon Dragon-type caught DragonTamer shadow DragonTamer Bronze DragonTamer Silver DragonTamer Gold
Rocker Electric Electric-type caught Rocker shadow Rocker Bronze Rocker Silver Rocker Gold
Fairy-Tale Girl Fairy Fairy-type caught FairyTaleGirl shadow FairyTaleGirl Bronze FairyTaleGirl Silver FairyTaleGirl Gold
Black Belt Fighting Fighting-type caught BlackBelt shadow BlackBelt Bronze BlackBelt Silver BlackBelt Gold
Kindler Fire Fire-type caught Kindler shadow Kindler Bronze Kindler Silver Kindler Gold
Bird Keeper Flying Flying-type caught BirdKeeper shadow BirdKeeper Bronze BirdKeeper Silver BirdKeeper Gold
Hex Maniac Ghost Ghost-type caught HexManiac shadow HexManiac Bronze HexManiac Silver HexManiac Gold
Gardener Grass Grass-type caught Gardener shadow Gardener Bronze Gardener Silver Gardener Gold
Ruin Maniac Ground Ground-type caught RuinManiac shadow RuinManiac Bronze RuinManiac Silver RuinManiac Gold
Skier Ice Ice-type caught Skier shadow Skier Bronze Skier Silver Skier Gold
Schoolkid Normal Normal-type caught Schoolkid shadow Schoolkid Bronze Schoolkid Silver Schoolkid Gold
Punk Girl Poison Poison-type caught PunkGirl shadow PunkGirl Bronze PunkGirl Silver PunkGirl Gold
Psychic Psychic Psychic-type caught Psychic shadow Psychic Bronze Psychic Silver Psychic Gold
Hiker Rock Rock-type caught Hiker shadow Hiker Bronze Hiker Silver Hiker Gold
Depot Agent Steel Steel-type caught DepotAgent shadow DepotAgent Bronze DepotAgent Silver DepotAgent Gold
Swimmer Water Water-type caught Swimmer shadow Swimmer Bronze Swimmer Silver Swimmer Gold

Exclusive medals

These medals are exclusive and were only obtainable during their event.

Name Description Event Medal
Pokémon GO Fest Chicago, July 22, 2017 Pokémon GO Fest Pokémon GO Fest Chicago 2017
Pikachu Outbreak 2017 Yokohama, August 2017 Pokémon GO Park Pokémon GO Park Yokohama 2017
GO Safari Zone - Europe 2017 Europe, September 16, 2017 Pokémon GO Safari Zone Pokémon GO Safari Zone Europe 2017
Pokémon GO Fest 2018 Chicago, July 14-15, 2018 Pokémon GO Fest Pokémon GO Fest Chicago 2018
Safari Zone Yokosuka Yokosuka, August 29-September 2, 2018 Safari Zone Yokosuka Safari Zone Yokosuka 2018


For acquiring certain medals, mainly specific-type Pokémon related medals, there are some bonus rewards on each achieved level of such medal.

Catch bonus

Medals for catching specific-type Pokémon grant trainers having them with special catch bonus that highers capture rate of all Pokémon of respective type when it is being captured in wild.

  • +1 catch bonus for Bronze Medal bronze-level medal,
  • +1 catch bonus for Silver Medal silver-level medal that gives in total +2 catch bonus
  • and +1 catch bonus for Gold Medal gold-level medal that finally gives in total +3 catch bonus.
This counts only for capturing Pokémon with type corresponding to the medal. (for instance the Dragon Tamer medal grants a bonus for catching
Icon Dragon Dragon-type Pokémon
). If a Pokémon has two types, the game will average the catch bonus trainer has for those two types.

Special clothes

Three medals for general actions grant trainers having them with special wardrobe pieces themed for each name of medal. These medals are Jogger, Battle Girl and Fisherman. Achieving higher level of each medal unlocks more purchasable clothing for trainers.

The Jogger medal unlocks following pieces of a male trainer wardrobe:

  • Glasses Jogger Jogger Sunglasses, Gloves Jogger Jogger Watch and Hat Jogger Jogger Visor for achieving Jogger Bronze bronze-level medal,
  • Pants Jogger Jogger Shorts and Shoes Jogger Jogger Shoes for achieving Jogger Silver silver-level medal
  • and Shirt Jogger Jogger Tank Top for achieving Jogger Gold gold-level medal.

The Battle Girl medal unlocks following pieces of a female trainer wardrobe:

  • Gloves Battle Girl Battle Girl Gloves for achieving BattleGirl Bronze bronze-level medal,
  • Pants Battle Girl Battle Girl Shorts and Shoes Battle Girl Battle Girl Shoes for achieving BattleGirl Silver silver-level medal
  • and Shirt Battle Girl Battle Girl Tank Top for achieving BattleGirl Gold gold-level medal

The Fisherman medal unlocks following pieces of a male trainer wardrobe:

  • Hat Fisher Fisherman Cap for achieving Fisherman Bronze bronze-level medal,
  • Pants Fisher Fisherman Shorts and Shoes Fisher Fisherman Shoes for achieving Fisherman Silver silver-level medal
  • and Shirt Fisher Fisherman Tank Top for achieving Fisherman Gold gold-level medal.

The Gym Leader medal unlocks following pieces of both male and female trainer wardrobe:

  • for male avatar:
    • Gloves Gym Leader Gym Leader Gloves for achieving GymLeader Bronze bronze-level medal,
    • Pants Gym Leader Gym Leader Shorts and Shoes Gym Leader Gym Leader Shoes for achieving GymLeader Silver silver-level medal
    • and Shirt Gym Leader Gym Leader Shirt for achieving GymLeader Gold gold-level medal.
  • for female avatar:
    • Gloves Gym Leader female Gym Leader Gloves for achieving GymLeader Bronze bronze-level medal,
    • Pants Gym Leader female Gym Leader Shorts and Shoes Gym Leader female Gym Leader Shoes for achieving GymLeader Silver silver-level medal
    • and Shirt Gym Leader female Gym Leader Shirt for achieving GymLeader Gold gold-level medal.

Jogger and Fisherman unlock only-male trainer clothes when Battle Girl unlocks only-female trainer clothes, therefore depending on which gender of avatar is currently chosen these wardrobe pieces are displayed in rewards section of medal in its detail view. That means if trainer is male there are no rewards for Battle Girl medal and if trainer is female there are no displayed rewards for Fisherman nor Jogger medals.

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