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Pokémon, main element of game, are creatures which trainer has the task to catch.

Acquiring PokémonEdit

Pokémon can be currently acquired in two ways, by catching them in wild or hatching them from eggs obtained from PokéStops and/or Gyms.

Catching PokémonEdit

Catching Pokémon in Pokémon GO is bit different than catching them in games from core series, as trainer doesn't have to fight with Pokémon before he catches it. Player can catch Pokémon by coming to spot where Pokémon is to encounter it in map view and then simply tapping on it to enter the encounter screen.

Main article: Catching Pokémon

Hatching Pokémon eggsEdit

Hatching Pokémon is second way of acquiring it. To hatch Pokémon, player has to firstly get a Pokémon Egg by spinning Photo Disc of PokéStop, then basically trainer puts an egg to an incubator and has to walk specified distance to hatch it.

Main article: Eggs and Hatching

Pokémon collectionEdit

Pokémon Collection

Example screenshot of the Pokémon collection page

To enter to the page with captured Pokémon in game:

  1. in Map View touch Main Menu button Main Menu Button
  2. touch Pokémon button White Button Pokemon

Pokémon collection page on its top has to tabs - Pokémon and Eggs, that player can click on it or swipe the screen right or left to access each of them. On each of those to tabs there's shown all of the Pokémon player captured and all of the Eggs player has. More about eggs collection page is here.

Initially players have only 250 slots for their Pokémon collection, but they can expand its space by buying upgrade. Every upgrade gives 50 more slots for Pokémon and player can have up to 1050 slots for their Pokémon.

Pokémon collection can be sorted in 6 orders, that can be changed by tapping on the button in bottom left corner of screen. Pokémon can be sorted:

  • by date Pokémon were caught, the most recent on the beginning, this option is default set after login Button Sort by Date,
  • by favourite Pokémon, which is technically same order as the one by CP but all favourite Pokémon shows up first on the list Button Sort by Favourite,
  • by Pokédex number Button Sort by Number,
  • by Pokémon's HP Button Sort by HP,
  • alphabetically by Pokémon's name Button Sort by Name,
  • and by Pokémon's CP Button Sort by CP.

There are several optional indications shown with each Pokémon thumbnails:

  • if Pokémon is marked as favourite, there's gold star icon in the top-right corner of Pokémon,
  • if Pokémon is deployed in gym or is trainer's buddy, there's mark with an appropriate icon to the left from that Pokémon,
  • if Pokémon was caught in the last 24 hours, there's green glow behind that Pokémon.

There are three ways to exit from the page with captured Pokémon:

  • by tapping on return button on the player's mobile device (not available for iPhone users for obvious reason),
  • by tapping on the exit button Button Close on the bottom of screen,
  • by swiping down at the very top of the page, which cause X icon appeared and then release.

Pokémon summaryEdit

Pokémon Summary

Explanatory screenshot of the Pokémon summary page

Every captured Pokémon has its own summary page which player can access by tapping on the certain Pokémon on the Pokémon Collection page.

On this page there are following elements:

  1. Pokémon's CP
  2. Button allowing to mark Pokémon as favourite
  3. Pokémon’s nickname (on explanatory picture it's set to default)
  4. Button allowing to change Pokémon's nickname
  5. Pokémon’s HP
  6. Pokémon’s gender
  7. Pokémon’s types, weight, and height
  8. Candy and Stardust needed to Power Up and evolve
  9. Pokémon’s moves
  10. Location and time the Pokémon was caught. If the Pokémon was hatched from an Egg, it will display the location and time the Egg was obtained.
    • Currently, in front of the location, there's also displayed icon with certain Poké Ball with which caught or egg from which Pokémon was hatched.
    • If Pokémon comes from evolution it shows basic Poké Ball instead of way the pre-evolutionary form was obtained.
  11. Menu Button Menu
    • Mark the Pokémon as favourite Button Sort by Favourite
    • Appraise Pokémon’s strengths and abilities Button Appraisal.
    • Transfer the Pokémon to the Professor.

List of PokémonEdit

Currently there are 251 Pokémon in game's code, but not all of them is available. These Pokémon are known from Kanto and Johto regions known from core series.
Main article: List of Pokémon


Pokédex is one of game elements, which allows trainer to learn more about Pokémon that were already caught or seen.
Main article: Pokédex


Main article: Pokémon Appraisal

Combat PowerEdit

CP for short.

Health PointsEdit

HP for short, also known as Pokémon's stamina.



Mass tranferEdit

Pokémon Mass Transfer

Example screenshot of the Pokémon mass transfer

Buddy PokémonEdit

Buddy Pokémon is game element that allows player to pick one specific Pokémon, which after walking certain distance will reward one candy of selected Pokémon.
Main article: Buddy Pokémon

Starter PokémonEdit

Regional PokémonEdit

Legendary PokémonEdit

Legendary Pokémon are group of Pokémon considered to be very rare and powerful. They cannot be obtained by catching them in the wild nor hatching from eggs. To capture them trainer has to firstly defeat them in Raid Battle and then can catch them in Bonus Challange. Currently in game-code there are 11 Legendary Pokémon and 2 of which are Mythical.


From Kanto region there's three Legendary Pokémon known as Legendary Birds.

And very powerful Psychic-type Pokémon - Mewtwo


Mythical PokémonEdit

There are currently in game code two specific Legendary Pokémon, that are Mythical. Which in core-series games meant that those are a group of Pokémon seen so rarely in the Pokémon world that some question their very existence. These are event-exclusive Pokémon that cannot be obtained during normal gameplay


Mythical Pokémon from Kanto region is Mew.


Mythical Pokémon from Johto region is Celebi.

Baby PokémonEdit

Hidden StatsEdit



  • Word "Pokémon" comes from words "pocket" and "monster".

See alsoEdit

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