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Pokémon search is a feature on the page with Pokémon collection that allows a Trainer to create a filtered view of their Pokémon. This feature was introduced in update to version 0.67.1.[1]

Filtering by nameEdit

Filtering by name works just the same as a normal text search. It returns Pokémon whose name matches the query. This search does not search sub-strings, so the full name must be supplied. This feature supports ASCII and Unicode input. Searching by a Pokémon species name ignores nicknames.


Term Result
MyTyranitar Returns a Pokémon named "MyTranitar"
Tyranitar Returns all Tyranitars

Filtering by typeEdit

Pokémon can be filtered by their types by adding their type to the search bar. Multiple Types can be queried at a time by using one or more of the supported separators – colon (:), semi-colon (;), comma (,), or an ampersand (&). The latter was introduced in version 0.69.1.[2]


Term Result
fire Returns all Fire types in the Pokémon list
fire, ground Returns all Fire and all Ground types
fire & flying Returns all Pokémon that are dual-type Fire/Flying

Filtering by speciesEdit

Pokémon that belong to a particular species group can be filtered by searching the species name and placing a plus sign (+) before it. This also works with Pokémon nicknames.


Term Result
+bulbasaur Returns all Bulbasaurs, Ivysaurs and Venusaurs in the Pokémon list

Filtering by moveEdit

Pokémon with a particular move for a can be filtered by using the at-sign (@). This feature was introduced in version 0.73.1.[3]

Using @Weather introduced in version 0.89.1 returns all Pokémon with moves boosted by current Weather.


Term Result
@Crunch Returns all Pokémon with the move Crunch in the Pokémon list

Filtering by Pokédex numberEdit

Pokémon can be filtered by their Pokédex number by entering a search range.


Term Result
248 Returns all Tyranitars
200–248 Returns all Pokémon with a Pokédex number between 200 and 248

Filtering by CP and HPEdit

Pokémon can be filtered similar to the way they can be searched by Pokédex number. The only difference is by adding "cp" in the front of the range to search for Pokémon by CP and "hp" in front to search for Pokémon by HP.


Term Result
cp2000-3000 Returns all Pokémon with CP between 2,000 and 3,000
hp200-300 Returns all Pokémon with HP between 200 and 300

Filtering by keywordEdit

Keywords are reserved-words that are used, similar meta-tags, to return Pokémon in the search. They are usually properties of a Pokémon and not visible to the user.

  • The "evolve" keyword will display Pokémon that have enough Candy will be displayed. It is not currently possible to filter Pokémon that require an Evolution Item to evolve.
  • The "defend" keyword will display Pokémon who are currently defending gyms.[4][5]
  • The "legendary" keyword will display legendary Pokémon.[4]


Term Result
evolve Returns all Pokémon that can evolve
defend Returns all Pokémon are currently defending gyms
legendary Returns all legendary Pokémon
shiny Returns all shiny Pokémon

Advanced searchEdit

All the filter methods mentioned above can be chained together by separating the queries with colons (:), semi-colons (;), commas (,) and ampersands (&).


Term Result
pidgey, rattata Returns all Pidgey, Rattata, and other Pokémon with the specified name
cp10, 147 Returns all 10 CP Pokémon and all Dratini


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