Professor Willow

Professor Willow is Pokémon professor who helps new players learn the basics of Pokémon GO. He is shown in the game as sort of guide. He appears at the beginning of the game to introduce the mechanics. He can also be found in the Tips Menu.

He has white hair, dark grey eyes and his skin is white. His clothes are mostly dark with some lime-green details. He also wears a white lab coat and has big rucksack in his back.

Team Leaders are his assistants and Prefossor Willow looks slightly older than them. Transfer of Pokémon send them to Professor Willow in exchange for a corresponding Candy.

His introductionEdit

"Hello there! I am Professor Willow.
Did you know that this world is inhabited by creatures known as Pokémon?
Pokémon can be found in every corner of the earth.
Some run across the plains, others fly through the skies, some live in the mountains, or in the forests, or near water...
I have spent my whole life studying them and their geography.
Will you help me with my research?
That's great!
You'll need to find and collect Pokémon from everywhere.
Choose your style to start your adventure!