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The following is a list of common rumors surrounding Pokémon GO, organized by validity.

Another source that can be used to check the validity of rumors is Snopes.

FALSE Rumours Edit

Eevee Evolution result is based on Special Move it has.
FALSE - This is not true. It has been tested several times and the results always varied. There is an Easter Egg that allows you to get the 5 evolutions once.

Clicking on a Pokéball after throwing it and missing recovers it.
FALSE - Sometimes due to lag it might seem the ball got recovered since the number of remaining balls is the same. But on the next throw the number will go down by 2.

Training on a friendly Gym increases the Max CP of your Pokémon.
FALSE - The max CP increases with the Trainer leveling. Training on a friendly gym will only increase the gym Prestige.

Having the area you are on Google Maps offline decreases the data use of the game.
FALSE - An employee of Google denied this.

Just saw this page that says if I do X I will gain Y amount of Pokécoins
FALSE - It is a scam. Currently there is no way to send Pokécoins to a specific player.

Spinning my phone counts for my egg hatching
FALSE - The egg hatching distance is GPS based. Making the avatar rotate in the same spot will not affect the distance.

Ghost Pokémon are more common in Graveyards
FALSE - Pokémon spawning areas are indeed based on the geographic location, but out of respect, Niantic has not made Ghost type spawn in cemeteries.

The weather affects what spawns. If it is raining more water type. If there is a thunderstorm more Electric type.
FALSE - Only geographic location and altitude seem to affect what spawns where.

I heard the next update will have (next gen Pokémon / ads / new items, etc).
FALSE - Unless it was announced by an official source like Niantic, it is a fake rumour. And even then most of times Nintendo and Niantic will only reveal new adds after they are released.

There are hidden perks for each team, based on their beliefs.
FALSE - The source of this rumor is based on an idea from a Reddit user.

Swiping a PokéStop left gives more Poké Balls, whereas swiping right gives more Potions.[1]
FALSE – Items a PokéStop gives based on luck and possible its location.

The Mirage Trio (Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos) will be available as event Pokémon but only for the respective teams.
FALSE - They have been in raids for everyone to do and might possibly come back for when EX raids are completely released worldwide.

Mewtwo will be an event Pokémon and the event will be similar to the trailer in various cities.
FALSE - It is in EX raids but it is exclusive to those who've done a raid at a gym.

Ditto Rumours Edit

As Ditto is a Pokémon that has not been caught by anyone but it is not a legendary Pokémon, there are multiple rumours about how to possibly catch it or unlock it.

The Pokéball menu has an Easter Egg of Pester Ball, you need to use a Pester Ball on a Bulbasaur/Pikachu to change it back into a Ditto. (This is to be proven as no one has figured out if, or how, to obtain the Pester Ball. The Bulbasaur/Pikachu are references to the anime.)

Ditto can only be born from a 1km Egg. (There has apparently been an user that has found a 1km egg and gotten Ditto but just like Articuno, it was removed. However, there are still speculations that the video could have been falsified.)

Ditto's description mentions that it likes to transform to different Pokémon but when it does so from memory, it tends to get some details wrong. So a Ditto could have been captured but it has not transformed back. (Similar to the Pester Ball rumour, there has been no proven methods either to confirm the rumour nor to change the Pokémon back.)

Pikachu that sound different is a Ditto in disguise. (In the game, the only Pokémon with an unique voice track is Pikachu. Apparently the sound changes due to your distance from the Pokémon. This leads to the belief that if a Pikachu sound different than what it supposed to say, it is in fact a Ditto in disguise.)

Pester Balls will most likely NOT be in the game, and to catch a Ditto, you use the regular Pokéballs, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls. Ditto was only disguised as Pikachu for the Yokohoma event and Bulbasaur will never be a Ditto.

Ditto can't hatch from eggs as it could only breed. 1km eggs don't exist and the video was either edited or fake.

No details are wrong for Ditto in Pokémon GO. They are just randomly Pidgeys, Rattatas, Sentrets, Hoothoots, and Yanmas.

From what it seems, other Pokémon like Rattata and Pidgey don't sound different when encountering it that are Ditto, proving that the forth theory is wrong. Going away from the Pokémon, making the cry change glitch was probably a past voice error.


Size and Height affect CP and HP

There are 4 Pokémon that only spawn in certain places in the world.
TO BE PROVEN - Has not been refuted, but has yet to be confirmed via datamining or similar methods.

It is possible to obtain a Pokémon from a lower egg tier. Example getting a Pidgey from a 5km egg.
TO BE PROVEN - There have some reports of this happening. We are still trying to figure if this is a feature or a bug in the game.

If you hold down the Poké Ball menu button, then tap other buttons (such as Items), colors appear. Possible easter egg?
TO BE PROVEN - No one has found what this may do, if anything at all.

Mew is not in the game as it only includes the first 150 Pokémon, Mew being the 151st.
TO BE PROVEN - As the Legends haven't been released yet, there's only speculation.


  1. Myth: Swipe left at pokestop give more pokeballs and swipe right give more potions. /r/TheSilphRoad, retrieved 2016-08-31.

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