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Scyther is an rare Bug, Flying-type Pokémon from Kanto region. It evolves into Scizor when fed with 50 candies and Metal Coat is used.

Pokédex description

Mantis Pokémon

Scyther is blindingly fast. Its blazing speed enhances the effectiveness of the twin scythes on its forearms. This Pokémon's scythes are so effective, they can slice through thick logs in one wicked stroke.

Possible attacks

Fast attacks

Special attacks

Evolution family

Scyther is the part of a two-member family.

57. Scyther
#123 Scyther
50 Scyther candy + 1 Metal Coat
#212 Scizor



  • In Pokémon GO, Scyther originally could be hatched from 10-kilometer eggs.

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