The Shop is the place where trainers can buy items and PokéCoins or claim any Defender Bonus they are entitled to. PokéCoins can only be obtained by being purchased with real currency or earned through the Defender Bonus.


Below is the list of items that can be purchased and their respective price.

Item(s) Price (PokéCoins)
Premium Raid Pass Premium Raid Pass PokeCoin 100
Max Revive Max Revive PokeCoin 180
10×Max Potion Max Potion PokeCoin 200
20×Poké Ball Poké Balls PokeCoin 100
100×Poké Ball Poké Balls PokeCoin 460
200×Poké Ball Poké Balls PokeCoin 800
Lure Module Lure Module PokeCoin 100
Lure Module Lure Modules PokeCoin 680
Incubator Limited Incubator PokeCoin 150
Lucky Egg Lucky Egg PokeCoin 80
Lucky Egg Lucky Eggs PokeCoin 500
25×Lucky Egg Lucky Eggs PokeCoin 1250
Incense Incense PokeCoin 80
Incense Incense PokeCoin 500
25×Incense Incense PokeCoin 1250
Permanent Upgrades
Bag Upgrade Bag Upgrade PokeCoin 200
Pokémon Storage Upgrade Pokémon Storage Upgrade PokeCoin 200

Purchasing PokéCoins Edit

Below is the list of PokéCoin packages that can be purchased.

PokéCoin Packages

Coin Handful
Coin Stack
Coin Pouch
Coin Bucket
Coin Box
Coin Heap
Price (USD) $0.99 $4.99 $9.99 $19.99 $39.99 $99.99
Price (CAD) $1.39 $6.99 $13.99 $27.99 $54.99 $139.99
Price (EUR) €0.99 €4.99 €9.99 €19.99 €39.99 €99.99
Price (JPY) 120¥ 600¥ 1200¥ 2400¥ 4800¥ 11800¥
Price (UKP) £0.79 £3.99 £7.99 £14.99 £29.99 £79.99
Price (NTD) $30.00 $150.00 $300.00 $590.00 $1190.00 $2990.00
Price (CLP) CLP650 CLP3500 CLP6900 CLP13800 CLP26400 CLP69000

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