Teams are in-game groups that trainers can join. Players must be at least level 5 to join a team. Tapping a gym after level 5 will allow a player to join a team.

Currently, there is no way to change affiliation from one team to another. Team members can work together to defeat and claim enemy gyms or help defend friendly gyms.

Affiliation to team affects only two things during the gameplay:

  • Combat and gym-related stuff, such as battles at gyms, claiming them, bonus items from Photo Discs at gyms.
  • Pokémon Appraisal, which technically no-matter what team player is in, gives same information but in different words depending on each Team Leader.

Affiliation to team does not affect any other thing in game, like Pokémon - there is no Team-exclusive Pokémon, as it was supposed in players community, that Legendary Birds might be available only for each team members respectively.

Also, every team has its own mascot that is one of Legendary Birds, that are Legendary Pokémon from Kanto region.

General informationEdit

There are currently three, following teams:

Team's name Team Valor Team Mystic Team Instinct
Team's logo
Team Valor
Team Mystic
Team Instinct
Team's leader
Team Leader Candela
Team Leader Blanche
Team Leader Spark
Candela Blanche Spark
Team's mascot Pokémon
Moltres Articuno  Zapdos

Teams' descriptionsEdit

Every Team has certain values and beliefs. 

Team ValorEdit

The team is lead by Candela and focuses on strong Pokémon. Its mascot Pokémon is Moltres and signature colour is Red.

Team Valor's values rely on strength. They believe that Pokémon have great strength, and they are interested in ways to increase those strengths for battle.

Team MysticEdit

The team is lead by Blanche and focuses on investigating Pokémon evolution. Its mascot Pokémon is Articuno and signature colour is Blue.

Team Mystic's values rely on trusting in wisdom. They believe that Pokémon have great wisdom, and they are interested in learning more about how they evolve.

Team InstinctEdit

The team is lead by Spark and it focuses on trusting your instincts. Its mascot Pokémon is Zapdos and signature colour is Yellow.

Team Instinct's values rely on trusting intuition. They believe that Pokémon have great intuition, and they are interested in learning more about the significance of their hatching.

Gallery Edit

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