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Tentacruel is a Water, Poison-type Pokémon from Kanto region. It evolves from Tentacool after being fed with 50 candies.

Pokédex description

Tentacruel - Jellyfish Pokémon
Tentacruel has large red orbs on its head. The orbs glow before lashing the vicinity with a harsh ultrasonic blast. This Pokémon's outburst creates rough waves around it.

Possible attacks

Fast attacks

Icon Poison
9 (11)
Icon Poison
10 (13)

Charged attacks

Icon Ice
130 (42)
Icon Water
130 (39)
Icon Poison
110 (34)

Evolution family

Tentacruel is the part of a two-member family.

30. Tentacool
#072 Tentacool
50 Tentacool candy
#073 Tentacruel



  • Tentacruel was released with the game launch on July 6th, 2016.
  • In the wild, maximum capture CP of Tentacruel is 2,034, however it can reach 2,204, if encountered Pokémon is boosted by current weather.
  • As a former 2nd tier level Raid Boss, Tentacruel's CP was 12,190. Its maximum capture CP in Bonus Challenge was 1,356.

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