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Tyrogue is an uncommon Fighting-type Baby Pokémon from Johto region. It can evolve into Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan or Hitmontop when fed with 25 candies.

Pokédex description

Scuffle Pokémon

Tyrogue becomes stressed out if it does not get to train every day. When raising this Pokémon, the Trainer must establish and uphold various training methods.

Possible attacks

Fast attacks

Charged attacks

Evolution family

Tyrogue is the part of a four-member family.

120. Tyrogue
#236 Tyrogue
25 Tyrogue candy
#106 Hitmonlee
#107 Hitmonchan
#237 Hitmontop



  • Tyrogue's evolution form depends on which of the three IV stats it has the highest.
    • If Tyrogue's highest IV is attack, it will evolve into Hitmonlee.
    • If Tyrogue's highest IV is defense, it will evolve into Hitmonchan.
    • If Tyrogue's highest IV is HP, it will evolve into Hitmontop.
    • If Tyrogue has two highest IVs it will randomly evolve into one of forms that are respective for each stat.
    • If Tyrogue has all three IV stats are equal it will randomly evolve into one of three forms.
    • To check Tyrogue's best IV stat, player can use Pokémon Appraisal on selected Tyrogue that is meant to be evolved.

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