Hey guys!

Just a quickie update - I'm still around, I just got back from a cruise to Mexico! So don't worry, you're not rid of me just yet, I was just pretty busy getting ready for that and also heading a relaunch of my private FFXI server (link if you're interested).

The Discord-based data gathering project is still going strong, and they actually made me a moderator there too! I haven't gotten to transfer much data over to here yet, because just keeping up with the screenshot spam along with a full time job and everything else has been too much for one person! Still looking for volunteers on that one. If you're savvy with spreadsheets and familiar with Discord, please let me know if you'd like to help log the Pokemon. That, or just head to the spreadsheet where it's all stored and start snagging data from there to enter here (high/low weights/heights for now mainly).

Anyway, that's all I have time to say at the moment. If you guys need anything from me, just comment!

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