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  • Balm0th

    Change in look

    July 25, 2017 by Balm0th

    Wow a long time since I wrote one of these

    So we are slowly changing the look of the wiki and improving the overall content of the wiki. To help us with this gargantuan task we now have a new admin - *Lukisiak . Welcome aboard.

    If you spot anything broken or any info that needs to be changed but you can't please let us know by replying to this blog or posting in any of the admin walls.

    Thanks for being with us and helping us grow this wiki.

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  • Balm0th

    Hey folks. So during the weekend I asked the nice folks at Wikia if they could activate the new experimental Community Page in our wiki since we were on the top 5000 wikis (we actually been in the top 300-600 for some weeks now).

    The idea behind it is to give editors a quick idea of what is needed in the wiki. So go and have a look and let me know what you think.

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  • Balm0th

    Admin news. good and bad

    August 19, 2016 by Balm0th

    So let's start with

    Unfortunately due to some naughty unregistered users I am forced to revert the decision we made some weeks ago of not forcing ppl to login to make edits. This should diminish the amount of vandalism edit we been having lately.

    We now have a new mod in our team. Please welcome Rmkane. With his addition I can actually give our oldest mod his fair promotion to full fledge admin. Enjoy it Hilycker.

    I might need some more mods in the near future as the wiki grows (both in size and usage) so if you think you got what is needed contact me via my wall.

    Also great job everyone for keeping this wiki with a WAM score over 80 and in the 1000 of all the wikias for more than 2 weeks now. Without everyone single of you this would not be p…

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  • Balm0th

    New namespace - Guide

    July 27, 2016 by Balm0th

    Well folks due to a couple of suggestions and final push by one of our contributors we have now a new namespace - Guide

    The idea behind it is to allow people to create guides to help players with concepts or strategies in the game without having to worry that they are creating encyclopedic articles.

    The way to create one is easy. Just make sure the name space before your new article is Guide:

    Example - Guide:how to catch a pidgey

    And then don't forget to add the category Guide

    That is it. enjoy and keep up the good work

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  • Balm0th

    Finally all Pokémon have entries. This was epic. And even though I know this will not be their last incarnation and some visual changes are bound to happen it is good to see all pages existing. Now it is time to start populating them with more data.

    I also bothered creating a new set images in the Pokédex all of them 50x50 so the mobile version of the page looked much better. Before the images were all over the place.

    Anyway time to rest for a bit for me and later to carry on making this the best source of info about Pokémon Go.

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