So let's start with

the bad news. 

Unfortunately due to some naughty unregistered users I am forced to revert the decision we made some weeks ago of not forcing ppl to login to make edits. This should diminish the amount of vandalism edit we been having lately.

The good news

We now have a new mod in our team. Please welcome Rmkane. With his addition I can actually give our oldest mod his fair promotion to full fledge admin. Enjoy it Hilycker.

I might need some more mods in the near future as the wiki grows (both in size and usage) so if you think you got what is needed contact me via my wall.

Also great job everyone for keeping this wiki with a WAM score over 80 and in the 1000 of all the wikias for more than 2 weeks now. Without everyone single of you this would not be possible.

As a final note I would like to proudly annouce that our wiki is available now in 5 languages

English, Japanese , Brasilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and today we add Dutch.

Great to see all these folks getting together.

Now go and catch them all. 

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