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    Niantic recently teased possible release of Sinnoh-region Pokémon with the artwork for second game anniversary. They have included the Sinnoh-region Starter Pokémon — Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup. As the Pokémon known from Generation IV of Pokémon games might be release in next few month, here are listed all Pokémon families that will grow by additional members from Sinnoh.

    Supposed amounts of candies, evolution triggers and items needed to perform evolution might differ after release and the following are not official.

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  • Lukisiak

    50 New Pokémon

    December 7, 2017 by Lukisiak

    As we known from Niantic, there will be only 50 new Pokémon from Hoenn region released now

    1. Wailord
    2. Zangoose
    3. Seviper
    4. Absol
    5. Spheal
    6. Sealeo
    7. Walrein
    8. Bagon
    9. Shelgon
    10. Salamence
    11. Groudon

    • As we can see, there's 6 extra Pokémon, and even if we removed Groudon from this list as it is Legendary Pokémon/Raid Boss, we still have 5 extras.
    • There are total of 135 Pokémon from Hoenn region.
    • 5 Pokémon of these have been currently in game since Halloween, 2017.
    • 2 Pokémon are Baby Pokémon and they don't seem to be released yet.
    • There are 8 Hoenn-region Pokémon that are Legendary and 2 that are Mythical.
    • If we substract sum of 56 (teased/confirmed already Pokémon) and 5 (Ghost Pokémon for Halloween) from 135 (all Hoenn-region Pokémon) there'll be 74 Pokémon remaining to be relea…

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