• Rmkane

    New Event: Solstice

    June 12, 2017 by Rmkane

    Celebrate the Solstices with Us!

    Check it out here: Solstice.

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  • Rmkane

    Adventures Await!

    Check it out here: Adventure Week.

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  • Rmkane

    A new event is on the horizon!

    Check it out here: Grass Weekend.

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  • Rmkane


    I have created an automated Pokémon wiki text generator. By visiting a Pokémon's page on the Official Pokédex, a console log will spit out the text of a basic wiki page. The GAME_MASTER data is provided by Celandro's PokéBattler GitHub project. I will be using this as I start to add the remaining Gen II Pokemon.

    Be advised that moves are not sorted by damage, and not all moves will translate over correctly. This will require some minimal effort.

    Some examples of such moves are:

    • V0100_MOVE_X_SCISSOR is converted to X Scisor, but should be X-Scisor.
    • V0275_MOVE_FUTURESIGHT is converted to Futuresight, but should be Future Sight.

    • If you are using Chrome, download: Tampermonkey.
    • If you are using Firefox, download: Greasemonkey.

    I have not tested thi…

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  • Rmkane

    Johto is Officially Live!

    February 16, 2017 by Rmkane

    Thanks to Reddit user /u/prodigion, there is a complete table of the stats and movesets for each Pokémon. This data was compiled from the latest GAME_MASTER file. Please use it when creating or updating existing Pokémon pages. — Thanks

    You can view it here: Strategy Wiki – Pokémon GO – Pokédex

    Now, get out there and fill your Pokédex!

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